1080p HD Outdoor PTZ Camera with 25× Optical Zoom

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1080p HD PTZ Camera with 25× Optical Zoom (LZV2925B)

LZV2925B PTZ security camera from Lorex

Large areas usually require several security cameras to ensure proper coverage. This PTZ security camera from Lorex, however, can easily overcome many of these issues. PTZ stands for Pan-Tilt-Zoom and means that this security camera can move its lens left and right (pan), up and down (tilt), and zoom in incredibly close thanks to a 25× optical zoom lens. This camera also features full 1080p HD resolution recording, along with a fully weatherproof exterior that can withstand freezing temperatures up to -40°F / -40°C.




Pan-Tilt-Zoom security camera



1920 × 1080 HD resolution



Capture full color images in low light



+ 16× digital zoom

PTZ security camera

Versatile PTZ lens

PTZ security cameras have the ability to move their lenses in virtually any direction, as well as being able to zoom in on objects in the distance. This PTZ camera features full 360° panning rotation, a -15° ~ 90° tilt ability, and an incredible 25× optical zoom lens.

PTZ camera mobile phone control

Remote connectivity for easy PTZ adjustments

Connect this PTZ camera to a compatible Lorex DVR to enable remote viewing and adjustments. Simply download the DVR's mobile app and you will be able to see the live view and control the camera's movements straight from your smartphone or tablet.

2k PTZ IP camera from Lorex

PTZ cameras with 1080p HD recording resolution

An advanced 2.1MP image sensor is at the core of this PTZ security camera. This sensor is capable of recording full 1080p HD resolution video to ensure premium quality live-viewing and recording.

See in color - even at night

This PTZ includes high powered infrared LEDs that can see up to 300ft at night with the help of ambient lighting. If there is plenty of ambient light, this camera will automatically utilize our revolutionary Color Night Vision™ (CNV) technology. This important feature will add an additional level of visual information that can help identify people or objects and increase contrast for easier detection and recognition.

PTZ Night Vision Range
HDR example

Enhanced security monitoring with HDR

Your security camera uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that works to ensure you capture the most important details, regardless of lighting conditions. Dynamic range is measured as the difference between the brightest point and the darkest point of the video. HDR technology uses this difference to automatically adjust the picture's brightness, resulting in optimized, highly-detailed security video.

DNR digital noise reduction example

Enhanced Clarity in Low-Light Situations

Your camera uses DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology to filter out noise from low-light settings as well any noise caused by motion. By eliminating graininess, your camera provides a cleaner, more accurate image with better clarity, sharpness, and improved motion detection. Not only does DNR reduce noise, but it reduces video file sizes as well, giving you greater disc space for storage.

1080p metal PTZ IP camera from Lorex

Built for freezing climates

This PTZ security camera has been rigorously tested for freezing conditions. Not only did these tests show that it can withstand freezing temperatures as low as -40°F / -40°C, they also showed that it can sometimes even continue recording in much lower temperatures as well.

Easy mpx PTZ security camera installation

Easy security camera installation

This PTZ security camera can be easily added to your compatible analog (MPX) security system. It belongs to our line of MPX security cameras that use siamese BNC coaxial cables. This cable is actually two cables in one (video and power), which means that you can plug the camera into an outlet near to the DVR, rather than having to find one close to the camera itself. PTZ camera movements are also accomplished through the BNC cable, so no extra cables are required.



Heat Rating

158°F | 70°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-40°F | -40°C

Cold Rating