5 lb. Retractable Tool Lanyard

5 lb. Retractable Tool Lanyard

Prevent Harm to those below you with the KEY-BAK Pro ToolMate 5 lb. Retractable Tool Lanyard and “STOP THE DROPS”. Designed for Dropped Object Prevention confidently tether tools up to 5 lbs. to you, your harness, ladder, lift or the structure so an accidental dropped tool doesn’t injure a friend, coworker or teammate. Commonly attached to power tools, wrenches, hammers, crow bars and many other tools up to max weight capacity.


  • Minimized Work Impact – With only 6 oz. of retraction force the ToolMate Retractable Tool Lanyard retracts only the lanyard, not the tool, providing just the right amount of retraction force without pulling on the tool while in use.
  • Anti-Snagging Design – The self-retracting tool lanyard keeps the 60” stainless steel cable as short as you need it preventing entanglements and snagging on the work space, solving the problem faced by non-retracting tool lanyards.
  • Safety Tell-Tale – Quickly identifies if the unit has been compromised so it can be taken out of service
  • Made to Last – Body made of glass reinforced impact resistant ABS with a stainless steel spring are designed to last in almost any work environment
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner  Aluminum carabiner with auto-locking gate prevents accidental gate opening and removal when in use.
  • 3rd Party Proven - Tool lanyard is 3rd party testing guarantees your ToolMate tool lanyard is designed, tested and proven to a 2:1 safety factor


  • Maximum Tool Weight: (5 lb. (2.25kg)
  • Retraction Force: 6 oz. (Does not retract 5 lb.)
  • Overall Reach: 60” (1.5m)
  • Tool lanyard material: Stainless Steel with polymer Jacket
  • Carabiner: Aluminum auto-locking gate carabiner with captive eye
  • Strap: Nylon Strap with tell-tale
  • ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 Certified
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