FireDisc Cookers Deep Portable Cooker 24" Short, Jet Black

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FireDisc Deep 24”,Fireman Red


If you're headed hunting, fishing or camping, you can’t bring your entire BBQ with you — but you can bring the FireDisc Deep 24" Short Portable Cooker. It folds up and fits neatly into your trunk or truck bed. Once you arrive, pull it out, hook it up to a large or small propane tank, and start cooking. Get stuck on an uneven surface? No worries! The FireDisc Deep 24" features an adjustable, 24" stand that ensures you'll always have a flat cooking surface.

Cleanup is fast and easy! After you've cooked that last burger or fillet, simply clean out your FireDisc with water, dry the surface, and wipe down with oil.

The FireDisc Deep 24" has been hand inspected and is made from the highest-quality carbon steel available. It has been mechanically designed for ease of use, portability, and to deliver restaurant-quality results.


- Durable and portable
- Versatility allows you to cook virtually any dish, anywhere
- Season like a cast iron Skillet
- The fire disc - deep 24" backyard plow disc cooker - Fireman Red | portable propane outdoor camping grill nothing beats the smell of juicy steaks sizzling on the grill thanks to the seasoned effect Best camping portable gas gill
- 24" high which is standard Counter top Height with the built in heat ring and powder coated at over 450 degrees
Carbon Steel construction
- The fire disc cooker is completely portable and built to last with no assembly required
Cooks and season like a griddle


- Size: 24"
- Color: Black, Fireman Red
- Weight: 55.0 lbs.

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 53 pounds.
Billable Weight : 56 pounds.
Dimensions: 26.25" (W) x 8.75" (H) x 31" (D)