GoLight Gobee Stanchion Mount w/Remote - Black

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Product Overview

Golight Gobee Bow Mount Searchlight with Red/Green Running Light

The GL-2151 GoBee Golight from Larson Electronics is a 55 Watt motorized spotlight that operates with a wireless hand held remote control. This particular model is available in black and is stanchion post  mounted on a twelve inch post. It produces a wide spot beam with an effective working beam of 450 feet and produces 1000 lumen light output.

The GL-2151 GoBee Golight is designed for use in all weather conditions and produces 1,000 lumens of intense light output. This GoBee Golight economy grade bow mount light is affixed on a twelve inch pole with a locking collar that clears trolling motor and bow rails and fits into any 2 or 3 pin Perko socket. These units feature remote control operation that allows users to rotate the light 370 degrees with a hard stop and to adjust vertical tilt through 90 degrees. Remote operation is provided by a wireless hand held remote control.

This image shows a long, dark road, similar to a narrow corridor, illuminated only with moonlight.
This image shows the same road being illuminated with the GL-2151, beam easily reaching distances of over 450 feet.

Remote Operation: Remote control functions include on/off and 4 buttons which control up, down, left and right movement. The light will continue movement as long as the buttons are pressed. Releasing the buttons stops movement and holds the Golight in position. The remote is effective up to 25 feet.

Durability: The GL-2151 GoBee Golight is designed for fishing and demanding outdoor use with a weather resistant housing constructed of high quality ASA Luran thermoplastic that is heat resistant, impact resistant, UV resistant and able to withstand rugged use and abusive conditions. Remote movement of this spotlight is provided by an automotive grade internal motor, gear, and transmission assembly that is constructed of LEXAN, brass, and stainless steel to provide rust and corrosion resistance as well as long life and reliable operation.

Mounting: The light is  mounted on a twelve inch stanchion post. A stanchion mount enables the light to be installed and removed for storage. The included running lights are always on when the mount is receiving power. The wireless remote control only controls the Golight. 

Power: This light operates with 12 volts DC and draws 4.7 amps, making it ideal for consumer vehicles, boats, ATVs, and similar sources of 12 volt direct current. On this particular model, the light is mounted on a twelve inch stanchion mount. Standard perko sockets that are commonly installed on many boats accepts a stanchion post mount. It has two gold platted connectors imbedded in the nylon base that brings power from the perko socket. A locking nylon collar twists into place.  

Light Output: The lamp in this Golight is a H-3 55 watt bulb which produces 1,000 lumens. This lamp has a 6000K color temperature, giving it very good color rendering and contrasting properties and the ability to clearly and sharply illuminate objects at long distances. It produces a long, wide spot beam with an effective working beam 450 feet.

Click Here to see the Wiring Diagram for the GL-2151 GoBee Golight

Golight GoBee Features  

1.Weather Proof Lamp and Remote Control
2. Remote Control Programmable with More than 60,000 Possible Channels. Remotes Can be Programmed to Control One Golight or Several
3. R.F. Frequency, F.C.C., S.A.E. tested and Canada Certified
4.Remote Control Range up to 50 Feet
5. Automotive Grade 12 Volt D.C. High Torque Motor
6. Weatherproof Connectors Meet OEM Vehicle Manufacturer Specifications 
7. Meets Marine Standards for Fresh Water and Saltwater Use
8. 1,000 Lumens, 450 Foot Beam Length
9. 12 Volt DC 4.7 amps Draw