GoLight LED Stryker Wireless HandHeld Remote Chrome

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LED Stryker Wireless Hndhld Remote-Chrome Description

GoLight Stryker Wireless Remote Control Spotlight with Handheld Remote, Permanent Mount, Chrome


- Weather Proof Lamp and Remote Control.
- Remote Control Programmable with More than 60,000 Possible Channels. Remotes Can be Programmed to Control One Golight or Several
- R.F. Frequency, F.C.C., S.A.E. tested and Canada Certified. 
- Remote Control Range up to 100 Feet. 
- Automotive Grade 12 Volt D.C. High Torque Motor.
- Weatherproof Connectors Meet OEM Vehicle Manufacturer Specifications 
- Meets Marine Standards for Fresh Water and Saltwater Use.
- 2,520 Lumens, 900 Foot Beal Length
- 12 Volt DC 3 amps Draw.
- 50,000 hour lifespan.
- Higher Color Temperature with Better Color Rendering and Contrasting.
- More Durable than Halogen. No Filament to Burn Out or Break.
- High Efficiency, More Light with Less Power Drain.
- Vibration Resistant
- High Output. 
- Can SAVE 50% or more on energy.
- No toxins-lead or mercury
- Bright, even light maintains consistent color over time.
- Instant on/off - No flickering, delays or buzzing.
- Less frequent outages, higher output improves workplace safety.

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 5.6 pounds.
Billable Weight : 7 pounds.
Dimensions: 8.5" (W) x 8.25" (H) x 8.625" (D)