NcStar Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA Tan, Large

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NcStar Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA Tan, Large



This is a brand new level IIIA Kevlar ballistic helmet (stops 9mm @1400fps & fragmentation & .44 Magnum) in MICH/ACH/FAST Style,It Includes side rails, 3 hole/ Warcom drilled, NVG shroud and Dial liner suspension. It is compatible with Peltor and MSA Sordin Headsets, and all other standard lights and IR strobes required for the standard. This is the same style helmet the Special Forces guys wear


- New Tactical Buckle--Tactical Glove Compatible
- New Size Adjust Non-Slip Turning Knob
- Hog Ring Knot on the bottom of the bungee--Protect your Expensive Night Vision Goggle From Dropping.
- Suitable weight, Long durability, High protection performance, special suspension system ensures free movement, ventilation and extreme 
comfort easy to wear and take off
- Protect head in many ways such as military training, motorcycling, building, fire fighting, mining and oil field working. Also it is great for 
personal collection. 


- Material: Kevlar
- Size: Large
- Thickness: 8mm
- Protection Area: 0.11m2
- Bulletproof Level: NIJ IIIA
- Weight: 3.9lbs
- Color: Tan

Note: This model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 For Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor.

Shipping Dimensions

Item Weight: 4.95 pounds.
Billable Weight : 6 pounds.
Dimensions: 10.53" (W) x 7.63" (H) x 11.31" (D)

We compare the actual weight with the dimensional weight and use the higher one. Dimensional weight is figured by taking L x W x H and dividing by 166.

Billable weight calculation: Item Weight (actual or dimensional) + .25 + 5% of the weight and then rounded to the next lb.