Smith & Wesson® Recruit Tactical Range Bag

Smith & Wesson® Recruit Range bag

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Smith & Wesson® Recruit Tactical Range Bag

Smith & Wesson® Recruit Tactical Range Bag



Smith and Wesson Accessories Range Bag Recruit, Black


- Introducing the line of M & P by Smith & Wesson ,the line of range bags,backpacks,bug out bags,
gun cases and shooting mats.
- Featuring highly durable ballistic fabric with a laminate backing,oversized zippers,heavy duty 
hardware,and easy to grab zipper pulls.
- These products are engineered to stand up to extreme use in harsh conditions.
2 padded,zippered single handgun cases 13.5" x 9.5".
- Internal padded ammo bag with 2 zippered side pockets. 
- 2 adjustable hook & loop dividing walls. 
- 2 sets of vertical accessory pouches. 
- Clip on nylon beverage holder with cinch down closure. 
- Adjustable 2" wide padded carrying strap with heavy duty spring clip buckles. 
- Dual zippered opening gives ample room to access the main storage area. 
- Reinforced wrap around nylon carrying handles with rubber foot skids on the bottom for extra protection. 
- 2 inside full length accessory pockets.


- Color: Black
- Weight: 9 lbs.
- Dimensions: 11" x 7"x 17.5"