The Universal IWB LaserTuck® Holster fits multiple single-stack, sub-compact pistols with trigger guard mounted lights/lasers. Shirt tuckable for full concealment.

The following are examples of pistols that fit the Universal IWB LaserTuck® holster:

Glock 42 with 
Glock 43 with lights/lasers
Beretta Nano with lights/lasers
Ruger EC9s with lights/lasers
Ruger LCP with lights/lasers
Ruger LC9 with lights/lasers
Sig Sauer P238 with lights/lasers
Sig Sauer P365 with lights/lasers
Sig Sauer P938 with lights/lasers
S&W Shield with lights/lasers
Springfield XDS with lights/lasers
Taurus PT709 Slim with lights/lasers
Walther PPS & PPS M2 with lights/lasers
IMPORTANT: The LaserTuck® DOES NOT have a passive retention mechanism. When not wearing the LaserTuck® with a holstered pistol, DO NOT invert the LaserTuck® as your pistol will fall out. RETENTION IS ONLY ATTAINED WHEN THE LASERTUCK® IS PROPERLY WORN ON THE BODY. Refer to INSTRUCTIONS / SAFETY WARNING below for proper use of the LaserTuck® holster.